Monday, June 2, 2014

Soul Communication Day 5: What's in a Name?

One of the most profound secrets that I've learned from Dr. and Master Sha while supporting him on his business team for nearly thirteen years is that names carry karma. To understand what this means, you need to first know two key principles taught by Master Sha:

"Everything has a soul."
"Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life."

Master Sha teaches that a name is a soul, a golden light being. He also teaches that every soul is eternal and reincarnates lifetime after lifetime. It therefore has an Akashic Record, or a record of its service (good and unpleasant) in all lifetimes. 

A company or business name is a soul with an Akashic Record and recently I had the opportunity to do Akashic Record readings on three company names.  Of the three companies, only one was successful. The other two companies are struggling financially. They both offer great services, but expressed concern that they are not "seen" and/or "valued" by their clients, potential clients, and business associates.

For one company, one word in the company's name was creating a significant blockage at the soul level. The Third Eye images showed a 25 ft fortified, concrete wall directly in front of this business which prevented anyone from seeing the business or its work. To those on the other side of the wall, this company does not exist. Removing one word from the name would remove the wall.

For the second company, the use of an acronym resulted in a name with karma. Each letter is a soul. Each letter has karma and the combination has karma. To determine how much of a problem this is, we checked the approval rating from the soul world. It was low. 

This is the power of Soul Communication. Without the Akashic Record reading, we never would have found the root cause of the financial challenges of either company. My business training would require an analysis of the business, competitors, market, etc. We would take several weeks if not months to arrive at a recommendation and the company would experience some improvement but most likely the root issue would remain and resurface at another time. 

I spent over thirty years in the corporate world, many of them as a global marketing strategist. Branding, brand names, brand identity were familiar concepts and terms for me. Karma was not until I met Master Sha. His explanation about karma dramatically transformed my world view and my approach to business. After just two Akashic Record readings, both companies are moving forward to create significant change.

One company has started the legal process to change the company name. The other company is creating a list of names to be checked through Divine Guidance. Both are deeply grateful for the insight and clarity that the readings provided to them and their teams. I am deeply grateful that as one of Master Sha's 31 Divine Channels, I have been given access to the Akashic Records up to Master Sha's level. This is truly extraordinary.

I encourage everyone to open your spiritual channels, bring out your soul language, learn to translate, learn how to flow guidance directly from the highest saints, Divine, Tao and Source to guide your physical and spiritual journeys. If you are in Phoenix, I invite you to join me at Introductory Soul Language Evenings, Soul Communication Practicums, and Open Spiritual Channels intensives. Click here for a list of classes. You can learn more about Soul Communication by reading Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Communication and Soul Wisdom books.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Soul Communication Day 4: Transforming Grief

We all grieve the loss of loved ones, friendships, partners, health, jobs, and even dreams. Soul Healing enables us to understand the loss from a spiritual journey perspective, release our attachment to the person, situation or object; then transform the underlying mindsets, attitudes and beliefs. All of this helps open our heart to offer a more pure love to others.

Over the last week I've found myself listening to music by a Latin artist. From past experience I know that's a clear sign that I am grieving even if my mind fails to recognize or accept the pain. In fact my wonderful and very clever mind will find a multitude of ways to protect me from the pain. It has mastered and perfected this into an art form; however that could easily keep me stuck for a very long time. 

For me the best anecdote for a powerful mind is Soul Power, specifically soul communication. Direct soul communication bypasses the mind altogether and provides insights and guidance from the soul world. In this situation, by connecting with the Akashic Records and Source, I have been able to understand the grief from the perspective of my current life and my spiritual journey. In my current life, I've done forgiveness practices with my former partner at the soul level, but now it's time to ask him for forgiveness face-to-face and complete this phase of our journey. At the soul level, there is a bigger and much more significant shift that I am accepting. It is one that will help me grow in my ability to serve others.

Through a daily soul communication practice, the soul world is providing guidance about how to transform lingering attachments, mindsets, attitudes and beliefs through soul song, soul dance and a connection to nature. I am incredibly grateful to Master Sha for this training that is helping me transform this grief in a matter of a few weeks, which is very fast. Below are some of the questions I asked of the soul world:
  1. Would you give me guidance to help me understand this grief from a spiritual perspective? What is the significance for my spiritual journey?
  2. Would you help me understand what if anything in my physical life needs to be healed and transformed?
  3. Would you give me guidance for today to help me transform the grief?
  4. Would you give me guidance for today to help me transform the underlying mindsets, attitudes, beliefs and attachments?
Master Sha's techniques are powerful and very easy to learn. Learn to bring out your Soul Language, Soul Language translation, direction soul communication and even your soul's song in Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Wisdom book. You can also read my earlier posts about soul communication.

For anyone grieving any loss at this time, I offer you soul guidance from The Source:

Dear ones, 

It is human nature to grief the loss of something precious and meaningful to you. At this time, you may only feel pain and not fully understand why someone close to you has left or is leaving your side. Know that at all times, I hold you deeply in my heart with great love and tenderness, and the hope that you awaken to the opportunity for profound growth. There may be many physical world reasons for the loss, but on the spiritual journey there is one: to further open your heart and give others more pure and unconditional love. Focus on how to open your heart and the grief will quickly dissipate. Call on me. Call on your beloved teacher and your spirit guides for help and guidance for they have helped many to open their heart and offer great service to others. Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  ~ The Source

Dr. and Master Sha's beautiful Soul Song I Love You will raise the frequency of your soul, heart, mind and body to help you transform the grief quickly. The CD is available at

With love and light,

Master Ximena

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Opening Your Heart with a Soul Healing Circle

Gifting people ten Soul Healing Miracles books to create a Soul Healing circle filled my heart with incredible joy at the recent New Living Expo. It connected me to each person in a very special way because I know he or she will experience such profound healing and transformation in their lives that some would call it a miracle. Long-held beliefs, mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, health challenges, relationship struggles, financial issues, business problems and any other challenge in their lives will be transformed first at the soul level; then at the mind and physical levels.

These visitors to Dr. and Master Sha's booth were astonished, moved, overwhelmed, and speechless when told they could have one book as a gift. They were beyond speechless when told they could have ten books to create a Soul Healing circle! To say they were thrilled to pick up their gift bag of ten books is an understatement. Their joy and hope touched me deeply and opened my heart in a profound way.  

Because Master Sha transmits soul healing power to all his books, it is easy to create a Soul Healing circle with a field that carries the frequency of Divine love, Divine forgiveness, Divine compassion and Divine light. The longer one sits or lies in the Soul Healing circle, the faster one's frequency will change and blockages -- soul (karma), mind (negative mindsets, attitudes & beliefs), and body (energy and matter) -- will dissipate.  

The Soul Healing circle in my house is around my bed, but it can be created around a meditation cushion as well. I encourage people to place tissue paper under the books which are sacred healing treasures, and to keep the books in place so the frequency of the field gets stronger and stronger. 

Even with just one book, an exhibitor at the New Living Expo had a significant experience. She placed a Soul Healing Miracles book in the crib of her four month old baby who has been given a diagnosis of mild down syndrome. The baby slept through the night, and when the baby woke up she was calm and at ease. This wonderful mother took a complete set of books for the baby's room and another for her own room.  

A woman with very limited resources left feeling hopeful after she received the ten books, downloaded the Soul Healing Miracles app, learned the Universal Forgiveness Practice and joined the Chanting Channel! 

These situations occurred repeatedly at the booth. You can see some photos on my Facebook page

Visitors to Dr. and Master Sha's booth were more than curious. Most knew that Master Sha is a great healer and wondered if he could help them. Divine Karma Cleansing is the best service Master Sha and the Divine Channels could offer them, but some people were not ready for that level of transformation, either because of mindsets or finances. In an effort to help them create their own Soul Healing Miracles, I suggested the Soul Healing Miracles circle. Their response truly overwhelmed me. Instantly, their fears and hopelessness were transformed to hope and joy.

With each interaction, I felt greater and greater levels of gratitude and love for Master Sha, Divine, Tao and Source for giving us the ability to help people in such a simple way. I have often heard Master Sha teach his students "open your heart further to serve others better." After the expo, I understand this teaching a little bit better. By sharing with people the power of the Soul Healing Miracles circle, people's lives were changed. Their hope and gratitude opened my heart further. Amazing! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

With love and light, 

Master Ximena

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Soul Communication Day 3

Opening your Soul Language Channel is often a powerful experience. Some people are filled with joy at reconnecting with their soul. Others are overwhelmed by how much knowledge and wisdom their soul wants to share with them as soon as possible. Others cry with sadness as they realize how much they have missed by not connecting sooner. 

In 2003, Master Sha asked me to join him at a meeting with a venture capitalist and his wife from Silicon Valley. At that meeting, Master Sha taught the couple how to self-heal migraine headaches using the Four Power Techniques in his Power Healing book. When it came to Sound Power, Master Sha taught the couple how to bring out their soul language using the sacred mantra 3396815 (san, san jiu liu ba yow wu). Master Sha then asked me to chant with them. Almost instantly, my soul language came out for the first time. I was startled and excited and told Master Sha that although I had chanted 3396815 many times over several years, it wasn't until that moment that my soul language came out. I felt so much joy. Even now when I recall that meeting, I can remember every detail of the room, the conversation, etc. That's how significant it was for me. 

My soul language come out that day because I was in a group led by Master Sha. The high frequency of the group powered the opening of my soul language channel. You can open your soul language channel at events led by Master Sha's Divine Channels and at Soul Power Groups led by Certified Soul Healing Teachers & Healers. In Phoenix, I invite you to join my events at Rejuvenate Center, or one of the local Soul Power Groups. Visit for details. 

You can also read Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Wisdom book and do the practices  on your own. To help you raise your frequency and remove blockages, watch this video and receive a huge blessing from Master Sha's soul song. It will help you to quickly open your soul language channel.  

Today's guidance from The Source for everyone who is doing this 30-day practice to bring out their soul language and develop their soul language translation abilities is as follows:
Dear Ones, 
Opening your soul language is a gift of all lifetimes. Many of you have waited countless lifetimes to be able to connect directly with your soul. In the past, some of you have known about soul language, some have been taught various techniques, and others have traveled near and far to find a teacher to guide them. Do not be deceived by the ease of chanting your soul language. This is a most sacred mantra which many saints and holy beings have waited many lifetimes to learn. Opening your soul language is sacred. Honor it and the practices from your heart. Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
I invite you to join the 30 day practice to bring out your soul language and develop your soul language translation abilities. 

With love and light, 

Master Ximena

Monday, January 13, 2014

Soul Communication Day 2

During a practice today, I received a message that to bring out your soul language is to offer a great service to humanity as it changes your frequency, the frequency of your loved ones, your community, Mother Earth and all souls. That message came while in session with Master Sha. 

It is an honor beyond words to attend a training with Master Sha and I've been blessed to have attended many over the last twelve years. The first training I attended with Master Sha was an Open Your Spiritual Channels Workshop with about eight people, several of whom are now Divine Channels. I attended many subsequent workshops where Master Sha taught attendees how to bring out their soul language and how to translate soul language. 

It took several years for me to close my spiritual channels which had been open since I was born and to re-open them using Master Sha's techniques. Then it took quite a bit of practice and many blessings to develop their abilities. Currently students open their soul language channel quite easily, usually at an all day or 3-day workshop on any topic. That's in large part due to Master Sha's spiritual standing and the frequency that flows through Master Sha. 

Today's guidance from The Source for everyone who is doing this 30-day practice to bring out their soul language and develop their soul language translation abilities is as follows:

Dear Ones,  
Soul Language is the language of the heart and soul. When you speak soul language your heart will naturally open and you will effortlessly share your love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Your message will be one of healing, transformation, rejuvenation, gratitude, and light. When another soul hears your soul language, that soul will instantly begin to heal, transform, or express gratitude. Your soul language will inspire them to release and transform the soul, mind, body blockages creating pain in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, as well as relationships, finances, intelligence and more. When you chant your soul language, you are offering one of the greatest gifts a being can offer. You are offering every soul unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Practice often. Chant often. Serve often. Hao. Hao. Hao. 

Please join us in practicing how to bring out your soul language and how to translate your soul language. You can get started by reading Soul Wisdom, by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and doing the practices in Chapter 2 to open your soul language channel and Chapter 5 to develop your translations abilities. I will continue to post on a daily basis (when internet access is available). You can share your experiences on this blog!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Soul Communication: Day 1

The first weekend in January, twelve very committed students in Phoenix attended a 3-day workshop to develop their soul communication abilities. Since they were all relatively new, we focused on opening their soul language channel and developing their soul language translation abilities. By the end of the weekend, they were doing simultaneous translations and receiving guidance from Mother Mary!

Soul language is the universal language spoken and understood by all souls, not just human souls, but all souls. Soul communication occurs continually between and among all souls. Until we open our spiritual channels, we do not hear, speak, or understand it. 

Soul language is the language of your soul. Bringing out your soul's language enables you to easily communicate with your soul and access the profound knowledge and wisdom accumulated over hundreds of lifetimes. As you develop your soul language and soul language translation abilities, you can gain access to the wisdom of the universe. 

My students and I made a commitment to do a soul language practice every day for 30 days. I made the commitment to post my translations everyday. Here's today's message received as soul language; then translated:

Dear The Source, what is your guidance for the students in Phoenix for today?
Hao. Hao. Hao. Today it is important for you to know that your practice and effort are deeply appreciated by the soul world. When you do a practice to open your spiritual channels or develop your spiritual abilities, it means that heaven's ability to serve humanity increases dramatically. Each of you is loved and cherished beyond words. Each of you is held lovingly and tenderly in my heart. When you practice to open your soul language channel, you strengthen our heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection. You are directly receiving my love, care and compassion into your heart and soul. Practice often and receive my blessings often. Hao. Hao. Hao. You are so very blessed. This is The Source. 
Everyone is invited to join us in practicing to open their soul language and soul language translation abilities. You can get started by reading Soul Wisdom, by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and doing the practices in Chapter 2 to open your soul language channel and Chapter 5 to develop your translations abilities. Join us and share your experiences!

With love and light,  

Master Ximena

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Opening Our Hearts in the New Year

The holidays and New Year are a time to reflect on our lives and often an opportunity to seek ways to open our hearts further to love, success, creativity, spiritual enlightenment, and so much more. This year, I was very fortunate to bring in 2014 with students in Phoenix, Arizona, who joined hearts and souls together with Dr. and Master Sha and me on New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, at an Open Spiritual Channels Workshop, and many more events and activities.

Reflecting on the week, I'm deeply touched by the love and commitment the students have for their spiritual journey. Many drove a minimum of 30 minutes, some as much as two hours to do a meditation or attend the workshop, often coming early or staying late to help set up and clean up. By the end of the Soul Communication workshop, it was clear that our hearts had been opened and our love for each other and the Soul Healing community worldwide was great.

How can we keep our hearts open after such a powerful and wonderful experience?

That is the big question for spiritual seekers. The students in Phoenix, like all others on the spiritual journey, are experiencing what is called purification. Purification is the process of transforming soul, mind, and body blockages to divine love, forgiveness, compassion and light.  

Soul blockages are negative karma. Mind blockages are negative mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs. Body blockages are energy and matter blockages. They manifest as sickness, difficult relationships, financial issues, career challenges, and so much more.  

Purification occurs continually for those on the spiritual journey; however, some events can activate the purification process such as the holidays, or an upliftment of one's frequency at an event, through a divine service, or during a personal consultation. The higher frequencies clear away the existing blockages and reveal deeper blockages.

There are ways to go through the process purification with grace and ease: 
  • Thank the soul world for this opportunity to apply all the divine blessings received, and transform the pain to love, forgiveness, compassion and light.
  • Do a forgiveness practice everyday or as soon as you start to think, feel, or speak negatively. 
  • Transform the underlying mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs creating the pain or challenge by invoking the blessings, and doing practices.
  • Chant. Sing. Dance. Write. Read. Listen to a book, cd, dvd. Call. Text. Connect on Facebook. Read a blog. Watch a video recording of Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Healing Miracles Daily TV.  
  • Serve others who are also in pain.  
Gratitude is a great way to transform any imbalance. It's hard to be sad, angry, or judgmental when gratitude fills our heart. Gratitude acknowledges that all pleasant and unpleasant things in life are a gift from the soul world to help open our hearts further. It also recognizes that we have all the tools we need to do the transformation. 

"Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace." That is one of Master Sha's core teachings. It is one of the keys to self-clearing our karma and opening our heart. We cannot love unconditionally if there is still one person whom we have not forgiven or who has not forgiven us. Do this daily to clear old and new karma.

Transforming our mindsets, attitudes and beliefs gives us true freedom by removing the causes of our karma. Without the mindsets, attitudes and beliefs, we are free to truly open our hearts and not shield them unnecessarily. 

Master Sha gives us infinite ways to transform our blockages. Choose one or two or more -- sing, dance, write, walk, etc. The key is to focus on transforming the pain as soon as it starts. Just choose a practice and do it until the pain transforms. It may take a bit of time, a few hours, a few days or even a few months, but it will transform.  

Finally, when we serve others we forget about ourselves and gain tremendous virtue. Chant for others who are facing the same or bigger challenges in their life. You will quickly experience transformation in your own life. 

May 2014 bring you an abundance of love and light. 

Master Ximena

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