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Opening Your Heart with a Soul Healing Circle

Gifting people ten Soul Healing Miracles books to create a Soul Healing circle filled my heart with incredible joy at the recent New Living Expo. It connected me to each person in a very special way because I know he or she will experience such profound healing and transformation in their lives that some would call it a miracle. Long-held beliefs, mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, health challenges, relationship struggles, financial issues, business problems and any other challenge in their lives will be transformed first at the soul level; then at the mind and physical levels.

These visitors to Dr. and Master Sha's booth were astonished, moved, overwhelmed, and speechless when told they could have one book as a gift. They were beyond speechless when told they could have ten books to create a Soul Healing circle! To say they were thrilled to pick up their gift bag of ten books is an understatement. Their joy and hope touched me deeply and opened my heart in a profound way.