Soul Communication Day 5: What's in a Name?

One of the most profound secrets that I've learned from Dr. and Master Sha while supporting him on his business team for nearly thirteen years is that names carry karma. To understand what this means, you need to first know two key principles taught by Master Sha:

"Everything has a soul."
"Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life."

Master Sha teaches that a name is a soul, a golden light being. He also teaches that every soul is eternal and reincarnates lifetime after lifetime. It therefore has an Akashic Record, or a record of its service (good and unpleasant) in all lifetimes. 

A company or business name is a soul with an Akashic Record and recently I had the opportunity to do Akashic Record readings on three company names.  Of the three companies, only one was successful. The other two companies are struggling financially. They both offer great services, but expressed concern that they are not "seen" and/or "valued" by their clients, potential clients, and business associates.

For one company, one word in the company's name was creating a significant blockage at the soul level. The Third Eye images showed a 25 ft fortified, concrete wall directly in front of this business which prevented anyone from seeing the business or its work. To those on the other side of the wall, this company does not exist. Removing one word from the name would remove the wall.

For the second company, the use of an acronym resulted in a name with karma. Each letter is a soul. Each letter has karma and the combination has karma. To determine how much of a problem this is, we checked the approval rating from the soul world. It was low. 

This is the power of Soul Communication. Without the Akashic Record reading, we never would have found the root cause of the financial challenges of either company. My business training would require an analysis of the business, competitors, market, etc. We would take several weeks if not months to arrive at a recommendation and the company would experience some improvement but most likely the root issue would remain and resurface at another time. 

I spent over thirty years in the corporate world, many of them as a global marketing strategist. Branding, brand names, brand identity were familiar concepts and terms for me. Karma was not until I met Master Sha. His explanation about karma dramatically transformed my world view and my approach to business. After just two Akashic Record readings, both companies are moving forward to create significant change.

One company has started the legal process to change the company name. The other company is creating a list of names to be checked through Divine Guidance. Both are deeply grateful for the insight and clarity that the readings provided to them and their teams. I am deeply grateful that as one of Master Sha's 31 Divine Channels, I have been given access to the Akashic Records up to Master Sha's level. This is truly extraordinary.

I encourage everyone to open your spiritual channels, bring out your soul language, learn to translate, learn how to flow guidance directly from the highest saints, Divine, Tao and Source to guide your physical and spiritual journeys. If you are in Phoenix, I invite you to join me at Introductory Soul Language Evenings, Soul Communication Practicums, and Open Spiritual Channels intensives. Click here for a list of classes. You can learn more about Soul Communication by reading Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Communication and Soul Wisdom books.


  1. Thank you Master Ximena for this insightful post about business names and highlighting that everything has a soul through your examples via businesses and companies. thank you, love you

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Master Ximena for this wonderful teaching. this is very true and powerful, to open your spiritual channels are truly a gift. i am very fortunate, grateful and had the opportunity to study under Master Ximena, you are very patient and very knowledgeable. My spiritual channels opened when i attended your class the first time, and open even more when i attended the second time. Truly no words can describe the feeling of feeling open and receiving message from Heaven. Countless bow downs, countless bow downs, countless bow downs.
    with love and gratitude,


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