Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Soul Operation for COPD

Everyone can be a miracle soul healer. Learn how! – Dr and Master Sha

As a Divine Healer and Divine Channel of Dr and Master Sha, I have been authorized to offer Divine Services that often transform people's lives. That occurred for a very lucky person who on June 15, 2015 received a Soul Operation at Soul Sisters' Holistic and Metaphysical Event.

I asked those attending our workshop if anyone had chronic back pain. Half the room raised a hand. Divine Guidance selected a woman near the back of the room to receive a Soul Operation as a gift!!

She gingerly made her way to the front of room and shared that just from being in the room, her back pain which is normally high (7 or above on a 10-point scale) had dropped dramatically. She asked for a Tao Healing for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), a condition she's had for 15-20 years that causes her to use an instant inhaler and oxygen if she walks more than 10-20 feet.

A Soul Operation brings golden light with Divine frequency and vibration to clear soul, heart, mind, energy and matter blockages related to an organ, a condition and/or part of the body. Recipients often experience a significant reduction in pain, greater mobility, greater range of motion, and transformation of chronic or challenging conditions.

The Soul Operation lasted for just 4-5 minutes. She smiled as she opened her eyes. I asked her if she had experienced anything. Her big smile said it all; then she took a deep, deep breath and began speed walking from the front of the room to the back with great joy and enthusiasm! We offered her a chair and she said "No," she wanted to continue to stand. We gifted her Soul Mind Body Science System by Dr and Master Sha and she said that the more she held the book, the better she felt!

Congratulations! Thank you Divine! Thank you Tao! Thank you Source! Thank you Master Sha!

As a Divine Channel of Dr and Master Sha, I have been authorized to invoke different levels of Soul Operation to serve others. It is truly an honor to be a Soul Operation Master Healer and a Divine Channel of Dr and Master Sha.

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha

Read more Tao Miracle Healing Series stories at: https://www.facebook.com/ximena.gavino/notes


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