Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Tao Crown Chakra Blessing Transforms the Heart

Sometimes people have had a condition for so long that it has become 'normal.' They no longer notice fatigue, pain, insomnia, headaches, etc. That had occurred for a man who attended the Tao Miracle Healing Evening, July 1, in Phoenix.

He was selected by Divine Guidance to receive a most extraordinary gift -- Tao Crown Chakra Blessing with Ultimate Divine Infinity Committee Source Healing Wave. When asked what health challenges he had, he replied, "None. I'm healthy. I'm here to learn more so I can help my acupuncture clients."

Photographer: Stuart Mills, freedigitalphotos.net
Third Eye readings show the spiritual images. The readings showed something akin to a cage squeezing the physical heart, a situation which could lead to a serious heart condition. He reiterated that he did not have any heart issues, or any other physical issues. The blockages at the kidney level appeared as a light gray band across the lower back. A Soul Reading confirmed that he had shen (soul, heart and mind) blockages, qi (energy) blockages, and jing (matter) blockages in the physical heart and the spiritual heart (heart chakra), as well as the kidneys.

A Tao Crown Chakra Blessing is so powerful that it clears significant blockages in just 2 minutes. It brings the shen qi jing of Heaven, Mother Earth and humanity to clear the blockages within the body and returns the soul, heart, mind and body to a profound state of oneness. That's exactly what occurred for him. He said "I'm in a state that is beyond words. I do not want to speak or move." He had gone into a high level state of emptiness, also known as the Hun Dun, the place in the universe before time and space. 

We spoke a few days later and he marveled at how this 2-minute blessing had transformed his life.

He had had elevated blood pressure, tightness in his chest and heart, and fatigue for so long that he considered it normal. Since July 1st, his blood pressure had steadily dropped from 140/80 to 120/70. His physical heart felt free. His chest and lungs felt expanded and open. His energy was coming back. Now, he was experiencing purification of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. An Akashic Record reading identified the types of soul blockages or karma that were the root cause of the challenges. With greater understanding he is now on a path of deep transformation.

Thank you, Divine! Thank you, Tao! Thank you, Source! Thank you Master Sha!

With the greatest love and gratitude,

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha


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