Saturday, May 3, 2014

Soul Communication Day 4: Transforming Grief

We all grieve the loss of loved ones, friendships, partners, health, jobs, and even dreams. Soul Healing enables us to understand the loss from a spiritual journey perspective, release our attachment to the person, situation or object; then transform the underlying mindsets, attitudes and beliefs. All of this helps open our heart to offer a more pure love to others.

Over the last week I've found myself listening to music by a Latin artist. From past experience I know that's a clear sign that I am grieving even if my mind fails to recognize or accept the pain. In fact my wonderful and very clever mind will find a multitude of ways to protect me from the pain. It has mastered and perfected this into an art form; however that could easily keep me stuck for a very long time. 

For me the best anecdote for a powerful mind is Soul Power, specifically soul communication. Direct soul communication bypasses the mind altogether and provides insights and guidance from the soul world. In this situation, by connecting with the Akashic Records and Source, I have been able to understand the grief from the perspective of my current life and my spiritual journey. In my current life, I've done forgiveness practices with my former partner at the soul level, but now it's time to ask him for forgiveness face-to-face and complete this phase of our journey. At the soul level, there is a bigger and much more significant shift that I am accepting. It is one that will help me grow in my ability to serve others.

Through a daily soul communication practice, the soul world is providing guidance about how to transform lingering attachments, mindsets, attitudes and beliefs through soul song, soul dance and a connection to nature. I am incredibly grateful to Master Sha for this training that is helping me transform this grief in a matter of a few weeks, which is very fast. Below are some of the questions I asked of the soul world:
  1. Would you give me guidance to help me understand this grief from a spiritual perspective? What is the significance for my spiritual journey?
  2. Would you help me understand what if anything in my physical life needs to be healed and transformed?
  3. Would you give me guidance for today to help me transform the grief?
  4. Would you give me guidance for today to help me transform the underlying mindsets, attitudes, beliefs and attachments?
Master Sha's techniques are powerful and very easy to learn. Learn to bring out your Soul Language, Soul Language translation, direction soul communication and even your soul's song in Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Wisdom book. You can also read my earlier posts about soul communication.

For anyone grieving any loss at this time, I offer you soul guidance from The Source:

Dear ones, 

It is human nature to grief the loss of something precious and meaningful to you. At this time, you may only feel pain and not fully understand why someone close to you has left or is leaving your side. Know that at all times, I hold you deeply in my heart with great love and tenderness, and the hope that you awaken to the opportunity for profound growth. There may be many physical world reasons for the loss, but on the spiritual journey there is one: to further open your heart and give others more pure and unconditional love. Focus on how to open your heart and the grief will quickly dissipate. Call on me. Call on your beloved teacher and your spirit guides for help and guidance for they have helped many to open their heart and offer great service to others. Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  ~ The Source

Dr. and Master Sha's beautiful Soul Song I Love You will raise the frequency of your soul, heart, mind and body to help you transform the grief quickly. The CD is available at

With love and light,

Master Ximena

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