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Soul Communication Day 4: Transforming Grief

We all grieve the loss of loved ones, friendships, partners, health, jobs, and even dreams. Soul Healing enables us to understand the loss from a spiritual journey perspective, release our attachment to the person, situation or object; then transform the underlying mindsets, attitudes and beliefs. All of this helps open our heart to offer a more pure love to others.

Over the last week I've found myself listening to music by a Latin artist. From past experience I know that's a clear sign that I am grieving even if my mind fails to recognize or accept the pain. In fact my wonderful and very clever mind will find a multitude of ways to protect me from the pain. It has mastered and perfected this into an art form; however that could easily keep me stuck for a very long time. 
For me the best anecdote for a powerful mind is Soul Power, specifically soul communication. Direct soul communication bypasses the mind altogether and provides insights and guidance from the soul world. In t…