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If the Pain Returns, Transform It!

You've probably read my recent posts about the amazing transformation that occurred for me the week of January 21st 2018 when Master Sha gave me several Tao Calligraphy Golden Light Ball blessings. Pain levels that would climb over a 10, suddenly dissipated and I started waking up completely pain-free. I could walk, stand, and sit without any pain.

On January 31st, during the Lunar Eclipse/Blue Moon, low levels of pain and inflammation returned. My initial thought was "on no!" My second thought was "Do a Forgiveness Practice!" Instantly, my heart filled to overflowing with immense gratitude towards Master Sha, Heaven and all souls for giving me back my life. What a gift!!

The return of low levels of pain means I have more spiritual blockages to clear and my body is in fact healing, as you will read below. Please know that I still wake up pain-free every day, but during the day, I sometimes experience low levels of pain. That pain is concentrated in my lower abd…