Only the Purest Love will Change the Messages

Yesterday I was reminded of how much we all want to be loved, financially free, and connected to humanity and the world in a deep and profound way. When we do not have this, we suffer greatly.

Recently I was in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, an area known for its devastating opioid epidemic. To enter the Vancouver Radio Co-op, we asked those camped in the doorway to allow us to pass. They politely moved out of the way, while they continued preparing their drugs. 

As I thought about their lives, wondering how did they get there, two realizations came to me. This group has no pretense or facade. To some extent, they have resigned themselves to the totality of a pain that is visible, all-consuming and raw. They yearn for relief from that relentless agony, and will do anything, but they do not pretend that they are not in pain. 

The second realization was a huge surge of profound and unabashed gratitude towards Dr and Master Sha, spiritual teacher, world-renown healer, humani…

I wake up pain-free. This a miracle!

Tao Centers, Tao Calligraphy, Tao Chang, and Tao Jin Dans are the only reason that today I can walk, run, sit, kneel, bend, lift, and do anything.
A YEAR AGO, I had excruciating pain - level 25 on a scale of 1-10. My spinal cord was thick with inflammation and leaking. The sheath of the spinal cord was compromised. Pockets of spinal fluid had created cysts along the cord, the most painful were on the roots of the nerves at S1, S2 (sacrum). 

I learned to sleep in one position, perfectly still because any movement shot pain through my spine. In the mornings, I could not even roll off the bed because I could not move my neck. There was so much spinal fluid in my neck. I had ‘concussion headaches’ that lasted for days due to the amount of spinal fluid my body was releasing. 
I could not sit at all. Could not bend at all, not even to brush my teeth. Lifting anything, including the tea kettle, shot pain through my body, head to toe. I could stand for about an hour before the pain was so extrem…

Writing lasts for ever ... maybe

Shredding is a simple enough task. You drop old birthday cards, letters, journals, receipts into a shredder and instantly the past is gone -- not exactly. Until a few days ago, I never considered shredding a spiritual practice, but this simple 'project' shook me into a deeper state of awareness and understanding about karma.

Twenty years of journals with beautiful, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind covers, tied with silk ribbons, meticulously wrapped in tissue paper, and lovingly placed in individual boxes, sat quietly and patiently perched on a shelf for years. I would look at them and think "one day I need to do something with those journals."

A few days ago, the time came to bring the journals down. Out came the pages and floated into the shredder. Suddenly, my sense of relief turned to horror as my spiritual teacher's profound wisdom about karma hit me. Those beautiful journals that outwardly promise beautiful, flowery words, poetry, whimsical musings, day dreams a…

Still There is Hope

I want you to know that there is hope. Pain levels can come down and you can have a life beyond your imagination. It is hard to hold on to hope when your body screams in pain. Hope can be elusive when the sadness camouflages as never-ending sorrow, or the blues turn into seemingly endless streams of darkness, or the thoughts are unrelenting, cruel, and destructive. 

Still there is hope. 

For you and me and every one of us, there is hope for a life beyond anything we can imagine. I know because I'm living it every day and I know others like me. As a child, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain were the norm. Happiness was something so foreign to me I needed an instruction manual or at least an interpreter. This kind of pain drives many people to do unspeakable things, often involving drugs and alcohol, but also every aspect of life, such as money, food, entertainment, sports, fitness, work, etc. The list is endless. 

Those who know this kind of pain, know the cry deep in thei…

If the Pain Returns, Transform It!

You've probably read my recent posts about the amazing transformation that occurred for me the week of January 21st 2018 when Master Sha gave me several Tao Calligraphy Golden Light Ball blessings. Pain levels that would climb over a 10, suddenly dissipated and I started waking up completely pain-free. I could walk, stand, and sit without any pain.

On January 31st, during the Lunar Eclipse/Blue Moon, low levels of pain and inflammation returned. My initial thought was "on no!" My second thought was "Do a Forgiveness Practice!" Instantly, my heart filled to overflowing with immense gratitude towards Master Sha, Heaven and all souls for giving me back my life. What a gift!!

The return of low levels of pain means I have more spiritual blockages to clear and my body is in fact healing, as you will read below. Please know that I still wake up pain-free every day, but during the day, I sometimes experience low levels of pain. That pain is concentrated in my lower abd…

Dinner, a Walk, and Golden Light Balls ...

The suggestion of dinner and a walk would have been met by a feeling of total dismay one week ago. At that time, I ate all my meals standing up, and walking was a painful necessity I avoided until it was absolutely essential. But Saturday night I joined my sister and her partner for dinner at a restaurant; then walked through one of San Francisco's neighborhoods window shopping and chatting for another hour!

It's hard for me to believe that I can do these things. I still awaken and ever so gently check to see if I can move. Where is the pain today? How strong is it? These are the first questions of the day. But there is no pain. I have awakened pain-free for eight days in a row! My body can move freely. I can stretch, roll on my side, and walk with incredible ease. The big heavy metal ball in my lower abdomen with spikes poking me in every direction has just simply vanished. 

My sister could not believe it. "Where were you in Canada? How long were you there? When did this…

Today I Walked Two Miles!

In recent months, walking a few steps has been painful at best, and excruciating at times, but today I walked two miles with ease, except for a couple of short indoor breaks from the bone-chilling cold in Toronto, Canada. 

Yesterday, I walked a little less than a mile when I ran into two wonderful friends. One of them could not believe I was walking down the street carrying dinner! Both had seen me the day before and could not believe the change. 

I can't believe the change. For months, I would awaken slowly moving my body, waiting for the acute pain, dull pain, stinging numbness, stiffness, headache, dizziness, heaviness, and more to take hold. How much mobility will I have today? How much will I be able to do before my day comes to an abrupt halt due to the pain? How much clarity will I have today, or will the day be lost to blurriness and fatigue from the pain? 

Through the love and grace of Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha, 90% of the pain is gone. That pain disappeared after receiving…