Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Tao Calligraphy Book Circle & Recovery After Brain Tumor Surgery

A year ago, my sister, who had personally experienced the power of the Tao Calligraphy healing circle, asked if it could help a very good friend recover from brain tumor surgery. "Absolutely!" I replied. Hopeful that this would help her friend, my sister set up a Tao Calligraphy healing circle with ten of Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Healing Miracles books for her friend. Seven months later in March 2015, she emailed the following update.

SC was diagnosed with her second brain tumor (she had her first removed 10 years ago as well as an aneurysm). She had surgery in June 2013 to remove the tumor (or mass that had grown in the cavity left by the first tumor). This time, however, she lost feeling on her right side and was told that she should apply for disability and would not be able to return to work. 

She was not able to do anything with her right arm/hand and could walk very slow. She could not eat with her right hand; she had a lot of difficulty. She did go to quite a bit of therapy but they kept telling her she was disabled and could not return to work.

I gave SC the books within 6 weeks of her surgery so approximately August 2013. She began healing well and recovering well beyond what they thought as they had almost resigned to her disability. 

SC has made an incredible recovery and against everything they said she returned to work and is living by herself and can do everything. I even took her dancing a few weeks ago and she was so happy. She can't drive just yet because she doesn't have complete feeling in her right leg. I should also tell you the type of work she does - she has to work on spreadsheets and is doing well after her brain surgery!

A Tao Calligraphy healing circle can be created with Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Healing Miracles or Soul Mind Body Science System books. Place the books in a circle around your bed or meditation cushion. See the photo of Master Francisco. If you put the books on the floor, please place them on tissue since they contain sacred healing scrolls. Keep the books in place. This will create a Tao or Source field that will become stronger and stronger over time.  

Master Francisco Quintero in a Tao Calligrahy Healing Circle
Master Francisco Quintero in a Tao Calligrahy Healing Circle
To learn more about Tao Calligraphies, please watch this beautiful and heart-touching video

Create your own Tao Calligraphy healing circle; then share your experiences of healing and transformation!

With the greatest love and gratitude,

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple and
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha

I have the power to create soul healing miracles and transform my life.
You have the power to create soul healing miracles and transform your life.
Together we have the power to create soul haling miracles to transform all life for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.
- Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Tao Calligraphies Help a Beloved Dog

Beloved animal friend with a swollen eye from allergies. Beloved animal friend with a swollen eye from allergies.In early June, a friend made a heart-touching post on FB. Her beloved dog was sick and she was reaching out to her community for help. Here's her post: 

June 8: All my energy friends. Can you please send my baby here loving energy tonight? Anyone who knows him knows he suffers from really bad allergies and sometimes it will affect his eyes and this eye you see is swollen and both eyes are goopy. We do the eye regiment the vet told us to do several times a day when this happens and he doesn't like it. So can you all please send loving healing energy to help him heal quickly. Thanks with much love.

I suggested that she create a Tao Calligraphy healing circle using Dr and Master Sha's books - Soul Healing Miracles and/orSoul Mind Body Science. The books have sacred healing scrolls. When placed in a circle, the books and calligraphies create a powerful Tao Chang or Tao field that gets stronger over time. Dr and Master Sha created the Tao Calligraphies with a special technique called "Yi Bi Zi" which means "oneness words," and as a Source Channel, he transmitted Tao and Source healing power to the calligraphies. This combination transformed the books into powerful healers!

Happy once more ... swelling completely gone! 
Happy once more ... swelling completely gone!

Three days later, she sent this message:

June 11: When he slept at night I put the calligraphies in the corner of the bed where he sleeps. When he was up I had that [Soul Healing Miracles] app going and it was open to one of the calligraphies and Master Sha was reciting some saying [mantra]. I held my left hand over the drawing [Tao Calligraphy] and placed my right hand over his affected eye and just held space for him focusing on love, light and his healing. The first time I did it he was all amped up. Wasn't sure the second and third time ... he just laid there and let me do it and then we went to bed for the night. Woke this morning and the swelling was pretty much gone. You can't even tell it was ever swollen. I wouldn't have truly believed it till I witnessed it. The whole time I had my hand on the calligraphy I could feel the vibration of the energy that I am used to because I work with the energy every day but [not] to this magnitude. I am a firm believer now! Give you much gratitude for your guidance in healing. Lots of light and blessings to you

It is hard to believe that an image in a book can have healing power, but that is exactly what is happening with the Tao Calligraphies in Master Sha's book. They carry Tao frequency and vibration. when invoked, that frequency and vibration comes into our bodies to remove blockages that cause illness, such as soul blockages, heart blockages, mind blockage and body blockages.

I am very happy for my new friend, her beloved dog and for everyone.

Get one book or ten books and create a Tao Calligraphy healing circle. Keep the books in place so the field gets stronger and stronger. You will experience more peace, more joy, more health and more happiness.

With the greatest love and gratitude,

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Tao Crown Chakra Blessing Transforms the Heart

Sometimes people have had a condition for so long that it has become 'normal.' They no longer notice fatigue, pain, insomnia, headaches, etc. That had occurred for a man who attended the Tao Miracle Healing Evening, July 1, in Phoenix.

He was selected by Divine Guidance to receive a most extraordinary gift -- Tao Crown Chakra Blessing with Ultimate Divine Infinity Committee Source Healing Wave. When asked what health challenges he had, he replied, "None. I'm healthy. I'm here to learn more so I can help my acupuncture clients."

Photographer: Stuart Mills,
Third Eye readings show the spiritual images. The readings showed something akin to a cage squeezing the physical heart, a situation which could lead to a serious heart condition. He reiterated that he did not have any heart issues, or any other physical issues. The blockages at the kidney level appeared as a light gray band across the lower back. A Soul Reading confirmed that he had shen (soul, heart and mind) blockages, qi (energy) blockages, and jing (matter) blockages in the physical heart and the spiritual heart (heart chakra), as well as the kidneys.

A Tao Crown Chakra Blessing is so powerful that it clears significant blockages in just 2 minutes. It brings the shen qi jing of Heaven, Mother Earth and humanity to clear the blockages within the body and returns the soul, heart, mind and body to a profound state of oneness. That's exactly what occurred for him. He said "I'm in a state that is beyond words. I do not want to speak or move." He had gone into a high level state of emptiness, also known as the Hun Dun, the place in the universe before time and space. 

We spoke a few days later and he marveled at how this 2-minute blessing had transformed his life.

He had had elevated blood pressure, tightness in his chest and heart, and fatigue for so long that he considered it normal. Since July 1st, his blood pressure had steadily dropped from 140/80 to 120/70. His physical heart felt free. His chest and lungs felt expanded and open. His energy was coming back. Now, he was experiencing purification of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. An Akashic Record reading identified the types of soul blockages or karma that were the root cause of the challenges. With greater understanding he is now on a path of deep transformation.

Thank you, Divine! Thank you, Tao! Thank you, Source! Thank you Master Sha!

With the greatest love and gratitude,

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Tao Mantra Clears Swollen Lymph Node

I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world.
– Dr and Master Sha

Tina learned the significance of Master Sha's words first hand. On July 2, 2015 at an Intro to Tao Healing & Rejuvenation event in Phoenix, she learned the Tao Normal Creation & Tao Reverse Creation mantra and went home to practice. Tao Healing is a self-healing modality. The more someone practices, the more benefits he or she enjoys. For Tina, the motivation to practice came from a health scare. Read her story from her email dated July 20, 2015.

I went to your free soul healing event about two weeks ago [July 2, 2015]. I had a swollen node on my neck for about 2 months, went to my doctor the day before the event. She suspected it was a lymph node but could not be sure without further biopsy test. The thought of a biopsy and cancer was overwhelming, plus the waiting time, expense, etc.  At your event, after 20 minutes chanting Tao Normal Creation and Reverse Creation, I felt heat overall in my body. I started sweating very uncomfortably. Then I tried to touch the swollen part on my neck, couldn't feel anything swollen. The next day, I tried again. I could feel a small swollen node still there. So I chanted the same mantra for another two weeks. It reduced the swelling a little each day until I could no longer feel it today. It worked! I felt truly grateful for your teaching, Master Sha and the Divine’s generosity. 

Congratulations,Tina! Thank you, Divine, Tao, Source and Master Sha!

Tao Normal Creation & Reverse Creation is a beautiful CD recorded by Dr and Master Sha to help heal all sickness, prevent illness, rejuvenate, and prolong life. Meditate and practice with this beautiful CD. Play it in your home, workplace, or car to transform the frequency to Divine, Tao, Source frequency; then share your story of healing and transformation!

One evening. One mantra. One blessing can change your life!

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A TAO Teaching on Time

Time has always been illusory for me. It is a concept that eludes my heart and escapes my mind. 

I asked the Soul World to teach me about 'time' and received profound insights. 

TAO within Me: You are trying to control time. Instead it is more simple. Connect with time. Meld with time. Ask time to teach you about time.

Image courtesy of Lavoview at
TIME: I am here to help you and guide you to ensure that you focus on those tasks that are the most important. Measure time in the days, not hours or minutes, that pass so you know how many days you have left on this visit to Mother Earth. 

Accomplish the biggest things first. Accomplish the things that if you died tomorrow would help humanity the most.

TAO: Time is best used to measure the significant events on the spiritual journey. Measure time as the days that you have to fulfill your soul's journey. 

Through Direct Soul Communication, the soul of the Tao within me, the soul of Time and TAO gave very profound teachings that have changed how I view time, and have created a sense of urgency for my spiritual journey that has eluded me until now. 

Everyone can learn how to do soul communication with the Soul World, the sun, moon, Mother Earth, the Universe, Divine, Tao and Source. Apply Master Sha's simple yet powerful techniques taught in Soul Communication and Soul Wisdom, by Dr and Master Sha. 

Join all the classes and workshops offered by Divine Channels and the Soul Power Institute. In Phoenix, I invite you to join several major classes:

Open Spiritual Channels Soul Language & Direct Soul Communication Intensive with Master Ximena
August 8, 10am-8pm, Tempe

Secrets of the Universe through the Voice of the Universe with Master Ximena
August 9, 10am-5pm, Scottsdale 

Tao Communicator Training Program
August 2015-July 2017,

Open Spiritual Channels Intensive with Master Francisco Quintero
September 11-13, Phoenix

Shi Fu Training with Master Ximena Gavino & Master Marilyn Smith
October 2-4, Scottsdale

Discover the secrets and wisdom of your soul and the Universe!

Thank you Master Sha! Thank you Divine! Thank you Tao! Thank you Source!

With the greatest love and light, 

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple, 
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha


Friday, July 24, 2015

Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Soul Operation for COPD

Everyone can be a miracle soul healer. Learn how! – Dr and Master Sha

As a Divine Healer and Divine Channel of Dr and Master Sha, I have been authorized to offer Divine Services that often transform people's lives. That occurred for a very lucky person who on June 15, 2015 received a Soul Operation at Soul Sisters' Holistic and Metaphysical Event.

I asked those attending our workshop if anyone had chronic back pain. Half the room raised a hand. Divine Guidance selected a woman near the back of the room to receive a Soul Operation as a gift!!

She gingerly made her way to the front of room and shared that just from being in the room, her back pain which is normally high (7 or above on a 10-point scale) had dropped dramatically. She asked for a Tao Healing for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), a condition she's had for 15-20 years that causes her to use an instant inhaler and oxygen if she walks more than 10-20 feet.

A Soul Operation brings golden light with Divine frequency and vibration to clear soul, heart, mind, energy and matter blockages related to an organ, a condition and/or part of the body. Recipients often experience a significant reduction in pain, greater mobility, greater range of motion, and transformation of chronic or challenging conditions.

The Soul Operation lasted for just 4-5 minutes. She smiled as she opened her eyes. I asked her if she had experienced anything. Her big smile said it all; then she took a deep, deep breath and began speed walking from the front of the room to the back with great joy and enthusiasm! We offered her a chair and she said "No," she wanted to continue to stand. We gifted her Soul Mind Body Science System by Dr and Master Sha and she said that the more she held the book, the better she felt!

Congratulations! Thank you Divine! Thank you Tao! Thank you Source! Thank you Master Sha!

As a Divine Channel of Dr and Master Sha, I have been authorized to invoke different levels of Soul Operation to serve others. It is truly an honor to be a Soul Operation Master Healer and a Divine Channel of Dr and Master Sha.

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha

Read more Tao Miracle Healing Series stories at:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One of the Greatest Gifts You can Give Yourself!

Everyday my spiritual channels guide basic life decisions, such as what is the best route to take to Master Sha's Soul Healing Center, as well as larger decisions about health, relationships, finances, and more. This is second nature to me since my channels were open since I was a child. Because I did not have any training, I had no control over them. Gradually, the spiritual channels closed. 

By applying Master Sha's techniques, my spiritual channels re-opened and I have been granted access to the light side, to all realms in Heaven and beyond, to all levels of the Akashic Revords, and so much more. My ability to serve others has increased by a million times because of the accuracy and profundity of the guidance.

Listen to my conversation with Master Petra Herz about how you can transform your life by following the guidance received from the soul world:; then register to attend Master Sha's Open Your Spiritual Channels Workshop, April 9-13, live in Vancouver or via webcast. Even if you can only attend at night, do it. You will gain priceless wisdom, knowledge and techniques. More importantly you will receive blessings that can only be described as 'once in all lifetimes.'


This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

Share your experiences during the workshop and how you are applying your spirituals channels to transform your life. I look forward to reading your posts.

With the greatest love and light, 

Master Ximena

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