Soul Communication: Day 1

The first weekend in January, twelve very committed students in Phoenix attended a 3-day workshop to develop their soul communication abilities. Since they were all relatively new, we focused on opening their soul language channel and developing their soul language translation abilities. By the end of the weekend, they were doing simultaneous translations and receiving guidance from Mother Mary!

Soul language is the universal language spoken and understood by all souls, not just human souls, but all souls. Soul communication occurs continually between and among all souls. Until we open our spiritual channels, we do not hear, speak, or understand it. 

Soul language is the language of your soul. Bringing out your soul's language enables you to easily communicate with your soul and access the profound knowledge and wisdom accumulated over hundreds of lifetimes. As you develop your soul language and soul language translation abilities, you can gain access to the wisdom of the universe. 

My students and I made a commitment to do a soul language practice every day for 30 days. I made the commitment to post my translations everyday. Here's today's message received as soul language; then translated:

Dear The Source, what is your guidance for the students in Phoenix for today?
Hao. Hao. Hao. Today it is important for you to know that your practice and effort are deeply appreciated by the soul world. When you do a practice to open your spiritual channels or develop your spiritual abilities, it means that heaven's ability to serve humanity increases dramatically. Each of you is loved and cherished beyond words. Each of you is held lovingly and tenderly in my heart. When you practice to open your soul language channel, you strengthen our heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection. You are directly receiving my love, care and compassion into your heart and soul. Practice often and receive my blessings often. Hao. Hao. Hao. You are so very blessed. This is The Source. 
Everyone is invited to join us in practicing to open their soul language and soul language translation abilities. You can get started by reading Soul Wisdom, by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and doing the practices in Chapter 2 to open your soul language channel and Chapter 5 to develop your translations abilities. Join us and share your experiences!

With love and light,  

Master Ximena


  1. Thank you Master Ximena, I used this book and soul communication to bring out my soul language shortly after an event with Master Sha in 2009. It was such an amazing experience. To hear your soul speak and to know what it was saying on such a deep level was very heart touching. I will never forget that day and that experience. I think of it often. Thank you for your guidance. Love, Debra

  2. Thank you Master Ximena for this opportunity to develope my soul language translation abilities. I am excited to follow along for 30 days.

    Love you


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