Opening Your Heart with a Soul Healing Circle

Gifting people ten Soul Healing Miracles books to create a Soul Healing circle filled my heart with incredible joy at the recent New Living Expo. It connected me to each person in a very special way because I know he or she will experience such profound healing and transformation in their lives that some would call it a miracle. Long-held beliefs, mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, health challenges, relationship struggles, financial issues, business problems and any other challenge in their lives will be transformed first at the soul level; then at the mind and physical levels.

These visitors to Dr. and Master Sha's booth were astonished, moved, overwhelmed, and speechless when told they could have one book as a gift. They were beyond speechless when told they could have ten books to create a Soul Healing circle! To say they were thrilled to pick up their gift bag of ten books is an understatement. Their joy and hope touched me deeply and opened my heart in a profound way.  

Because Master Sha transmits soul healing power to all his books, it is easy to create a Soul Healing circle with a field that carries the frequency of Divine love, Divine forgiveness, Divine compassion and Divine light. The longer one sits or lies in the Soul Healing circle, the faster one's frequency will change and blockages -- soul (karma), mind (negative mindsets, attitudes & beliefs), and body (energy and matter) -- will dissipate.  

The Soul Healing circle in my house is around my bed, but it can be created around a meditation cushion as well. I encourage people to place tissue paper under the books which are sacred healing treasures, and to keep the books in place so the frequency of the field gets stronger and stronger. 

Even with just one book, an exhibitor at the New Living Expo had a significant experience. She placed a Soul Healing Miracles book in the crib of her four month old baby who has been given a diagnosis of mild down syndrome. The baby slept through the night, and when the baby woke up she was calm and at ease. This wonderful mother took a complete set of books for the baby's room and another for her own room.  

A woman with very limited resources left feeling hopeful after she received the ten books, downloaded the Soul Healing Miracles app, learned the Universal Forgiveness Practice and joined the Chanting Channel! 

These situations occurred repeatedly at the booth. You can see some photos on my Facebook page

Visitors to Dr. and Master Sha's booth were more than curious. Most knew that Master Sha is a great healer and wondered if he could help them. Divine Karma Cleansing is the best service Master Sha and the Divine Channels could offer them, but some people were not ready for that level of transformation, either because of mindsets or finances. In an effort to help them create their own Soul Healing Miracles, I suggested the Soul Healing Miracles circle. Their response truly overwhelmed me. Instantly, their fears and hopelessness were transformed to hope and joy.

With each interaction, I felt greater and greater levels of gratitude and love for Master Sha, Divine, Tao and Source for giving us the ability to help people in such a simple way. I have often heard Master Sha teach his students "open your heart further to serve others better." After the expo, I understand this teaching a little bit better. By sharing with people the power of the Soul Healing Miracles circle, people's lives were changed. Their hope and gratitude opened my heart further. Amazing! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

With love and light, 

Master Ximena


  1. I so got used to live in this circle, I'm not sure how it feels without. Although when I went to another country, I did not have it with me and it felt different. I keep my circle on 24/7 now, this is very I feel save and strong. I put it in each room now for my family members and they have not complied. It's needles to say, my dogs love it!

  2. Master Ximena thank you for this excellent idea for service to visitors who attend our booth at Expos and Shows! I already create a circle for myself for meditation and practices and for my Soul Power Group; I will now create a circle around my bed.

  3. Dear Nadia, when you travel you can take the book 'covers' with you to create the soul healing circle. Master Sha taught how to do this at the retreat in November 2013 in Estes Park, CO. For those who do not have books you may also use pictures of Master Sha. For those who have the calligraphy cards, you may use the cards as a circle. I've had a circle around my bed since November 2013 and am extremely grateful for this blessing. <3


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