Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Tao Mantra Clears Swollen Lymph Node

I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world.
– Dr and Master Sha

Tina learned the significance of Master Sha's words first hand. On July 2, 2015 at an Intro to Tao Healing & Rejuvenation event in Phoenix, she learned the Tao Normal Creation & Tao Reverse Creation mantra and went home to practice. Tao Healing is a self-healing modality. The more someone practices, the more benefits he or she enjoys. For Tina, the motivation to practice came from a health scare. Read her story from her email dated July 20, 2015.

I went to your free soul healing event about two weeks ago [July 2, 2015]. I had a swollen node on my neck for about 2 months, went to my doctor the day before the event. She suspected it was a lymph node but could not be sure without further biopsy test. The thought of a biopsy and cancer was overwhelming, plus the waiting time, expense, etc.  At your event, after 20 minutes chanting Tao Normal Creation and Reverse Creation, I felt heat overall in my body. I started sweating very uncomfortably. Then I tried to touch the swollen part on my neck, couldn't feel anything swollen. The next day, I tried again. I could feel a small swollen node still there. So I chanted the same mantra for another two weeks. It reduced the swelling a little each day until I could no longer feel it today. It worked! I felt truly grateful for your teaching, Master Sha and the Divine’s generosity. 

Congratulations,Tina! Thank you, Divine, Tao, Source and Master Sha!

Tao Normal Creation & Reverse Creation is a beautiful CD recorded by Dr and Master Sha to help heal all sickness, prevent illness, rejuvenate, and prolong life. Meditate and practice with this beautiful CD. Play it in your home, workplace, or car to transform the frequency to Divine, Tao, Source frequency; then share your story of healing and transformation!


One evening. One mantra. One blessing can change your life!

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha


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