Opening Our Hearts in the New Year

The holidays and New Year are a time to reflect on our lives and often an opportunity to seek ways to open our hearts further to love, success, creativity, spiritual enlightenment, and so much more. This year, I was very fortunate to bring in 2014 with students in Phoenix, Arizona, who joined hearts and souls together with Dr. and Master Sha and me on New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, at an Open Spiritual Channels Workshop, and many more events and activities.

Reflecting on the week, I'm deeply touched by the love and commitment the students have for their spiritual journey. Many drove a minimum of 30 minutes, some as much as two hours to do a meditation or attend the workshop, often coming early or staying late to help set up and clean up. By the end of the Soul Communication workshop, it was clear that our hearts had been opened and our love for each other and the Soul Healing community worldwide was great.

How can we keep our hearts open after such a powerful and wonderful experience?

That is the big question for spiritual seekers. The students in Phoenix, like all others on the spiritual journey, are experiencing what is called purification. Purification is the process of transforming soul, mind, and body blockages to divine love, forgiveness, compassion and light.  

Soul blockages are negative karma. Mind blockages are negative mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs. Body blockages are energy and matter blockages. They manifest as sickness, difficult relationships, financial issues, career challenges, and so much more.  

Purification occurs continually for those on the spiritual journey; however, some events can activate the purification process such as the holidays, or an upliftment of one's frequency at an event, through a divine service, or during a personal consultation. The higher frequencies clear away the existing blockages and reveal deeper blockages.

There are ways to go through the process purification with grace and ease: 
  • Thank the soul world for this opportunity to apply all the divine blessings received, and transform the pain to love, forgiveness, compassion and light.
  • Do a forgiveness practice everyday or as soon as you start to think, feel, or speak negatively. 
  • Transform the underlying mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs creating the pain or challenge by invoking the blessings, and doing practices.
  • Chant. Sing. Dance. Write. Read. Listen to a book, cd, dvd. Call. Text. Connect on Facebook. Read a blog. Watch a video recording of Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Healing Miracles Daily TV.  
  • Serve others who are also in pain.  
Gratitude is a great way to transform any imbalance. It's hard to be sad, angry, or judgmental when gratitude fills our heart. Gratitude acknowledges that all pleasant and unpleasant things in life are a gift from the soul world to help open our hearts further. It also recognizes that we have all the tools we need to do the transformation. 

"Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace." That is one of Master Sha's core teachings. It is one of the keys to self-clearing our karma and opening our heart. We cannot love unconditionally if there is still one person whom we have not forgiven or who has not forgiven us. Do this daily to clear old and new karma.

Transforming our mindsets, attitudes and beliefs gives us true freedom by removing the causes of our karma. Without the mindsets, attitudes and beliefs, we are free to truly open our hearts and not shield them unnecessarily. 

Master Sha gives us infinite ways to transform our blockages. Choose one or two or more -- sing, dance, write, walk, etc. The key is to focus on transforming the pain as soon as it starts. Just choose a practice and do it until the pain transforms. It may take a bit of time, a few hours, a few days or even a few months, but it will transform.  

Finally, when we serve others we forget about ourselves and gain tremendous virtue. Chant for others who are facing the same or bigger challenges in their life. You will quickly experience transformation in your own life. 

May 2014 bring you an abundance of love and light. 

Master Ximena


  1. Aloha Master Ximena this is a powerful reminder to go through purification with grace and ease. I am sendings this off to several of my good friends. Hopefully it will open their hearts. Mahalo and much Aloha to you in 2014.

    1. Thank you dear one for your kind words and your care and compassion for your friends. They are very blessed.

  2. I've noticed that the Holiday period is always a deep time for purification, and thank you for this reminder. And yes, this time of year is like a 'clearing' and re-evaluation time....a sacred time to go within. I especially love to meditate and pray this time of year. I think part of us is also in a 'hybernation' state. Winter is powerful indeed. Thanks for sharing this Master Ximena. The proper attitude is quite important.

  3. Thank you Master Ximena, I seem to need a multitude of reminders throughout my days to remind me to: be grateful, chant, whatever it takes to pass through the challenges we face. I will go and chant now for some friends of mine. thank you love you

  4. Dear Master Ximena, Thank you so much for your coming to Phoenix and providing the most profound experience to start off the New Year. It was priceless. We really had so much fun with all the planned events from Bringing in the New Year with Master Sha to our Yuan Bao Burning Ceremony and many other events and meditation experiences in between. Reflecting on the events over the last few weeks I can see how those few days were instrumental for the momentum of what is happening in my life and my spiritual journey now. I am forever grateful! Love, Debra

  5. Just started to get it that gratitude, immediate forgiveness and following transformation of whatever feels at the moment is the key to transform. Serving others is still new to me, but I get so much joy to chant for others. It's so much bigger then just "poor me" at times. U can feel the pain and gratitude of other souls as you chant for all wan ling and that gives you more gratitude just to experience it. TYTYTY... it's like I have heard it so many times, but my heart and ears started to hear and understand this very recently :))) Thank you Master Ximena for sharing so much wisdom. U taught us well!


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