Soul Communication Day 3

Opening your Soul Language Channel is often a powerful experience. Some people are filled with joy at reconnecting with their soul. Others are overwhelmed by how much knowledge and wisdom their soul wants to share with them as soon as possible. Others cry with sadness as they realize how much they have missed by not connecting sooner. 

In 2003, Master Sha asked me to join him at a meeting with a venture capitalist and his wife from Silicon Valley. At that meeting, Master Sha taught the couple how to self-heal migraine headaches using the Four Power Techniques in his Power Healing book. When it came to Sound Power, Master Sha taught the couple how to bring out their soul language using the sacred mantra 3396815 (san, san jiu liu ba yow wu). Master Sha then asked me to chant with them. Almost instantly, my soul language came out for the first time. I was startled and excited and told Master Sha that although I had chanted 3396815 many times over several years, it wasn't until that moment that my soul language came out. I felt so much joy. Even now when I recall that meeting, I can remember every detail of the room, the conversation, etc. That's how significant it was for me. 

My soul language come out that day because I was in a group led by Master Sha. The high frequency of the group powered the opening of my soul language channel. You can open your soul language channel at events led by Master Sha's Divine Channels and at Soul Power Groups led by Certified Soul Healing Teachers & Healers. In Phoenix, I invite you to join my events at Rejuvenate Center, or one of the local Soul Power Groups. Visit for details. 

You can also read Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Wisdom book and do the practices  on your own. To help you raise your frequency and remove blockages, watch this video and receive a huge blessing from Master Sha's soul song. It will help you to quickly open your soul language channel.  

Today's guidance from The Source for everyone who is doing this 30-day practice to bring out their soul language and develop their soul language translation abilities is as follows:
Dear Ones, 
Opening your soul language is a gift of all lifetimes. Many of you have waited countless lifetimes to be able to connect directly with your soul. In the past, some of you have known about soul language, some have been taught various techniques, and others have traveled near and far to find a teacher to guide them. Do not be deceived by the ease of chanting your soul language. This is a most sacred mantra which many saints and holy beings have waited many lifetimes to learn. Opening your soul language is sacred. Honor it and the practices from your heart. Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
I invite you to join the 30 day practice to bring out your soul language and develop your soul language translation abilities. 

With love and light, 

Master Ximena


  1. Thank you Master Ximena for this inspiring story! We are so blessed that we can connect with our souls and allow our souls to speak. It is one of the most profound experiences that I have had on the spiritual journey. We are blessed here in Phoenix to have you to mentor us on our spiritual and guiding us to open our spiritual channels. Much love!

  2. I felt the sacredness of your experience. TY for sharing how we can open our Soul Language Channel further and deeper. LYLYLY. TYTYTY.

  3. Dear Master Ximena, thank you for reminding me about all the treasures I carry inside me since I joined Master Sha´s mission. I became a student at the end of 2012. Since then I received so much and moste of it was for free, but very valuable. I could also learn, that heaven gives me what I need for my souljourney as soon as I have made a decision from my heart and soul. Soulcommunication is something I had never heared of before in this life. We had a workshop in Berlin in the beginning of this year. What all of us received there is not easy to say in words. Only one thing helps to explain and that is: Try yourself. With this I like to incourage everyone who still hesitates. Just do it and you will see. Love and gratefulness to you, dear Master Ximena


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