One of the Greatest Gifts You can Give Yourself!

Everyday my spiritual channels guide basic life decisions, such as what is the best route to take to Master Sha's Soul Healing Center, as well as larger decisions about health, relationships, finances, and more. This is second nature to me since my channels were open since I was a child. Because I did not have any training, I had no control over them. Gradually, the spiritual channels closed. 

By applying Master Sha's techniques, my spiritual channels re-opened and I have been granted access to the light side, to all realms in Heaven and beyond, to all levels of the Akashic Revords, and so much more. My ability to serve others has increased by a million times because of the accuracy and profundity of the guidance.

Listen to my conversation with Master Petra Herz about how you can transform your life by following the guidance received from the soul world:; then register to attend Master Sha's Open Your Spiritual Channels Workshop, April 9-13, live in Vancouver or via webcast. Even if you can only attend at night, do it. You will gain priceless wisdom, knowledge and techniques. More importantly you will receive blessings that can only be described as 'once in all lifetimes.'


This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

Share your experiences during the workshop and how you are applying your spirituals channels to transform your life. I look forward to reading your posts.

With the greatest love and light, 

Master Ximena


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