Tao Miracle Healing™ Series: Tao Calligraphies Help a Beloved Dog

Beloved animal friend with a swollen eye from allergies. Beloved animal friend with a swollen eye from allergies.In early June, a friend made a heart-touching post on FB. Her beloved dog was sick and she was reaching out to her community for help. Here's her post: 

June 8: All my energy friends. Can you please send my baby here loving energy tonight? Anyone who knows him knows he suffers from really bad allergies and sometimes it will affect his eyes and this eye you see is swollen and both eyes are goopy. We do the eye regiment the vet told us to do several times a day when this happens and he doesn't like it. So can you all please send loving healing energy to help him heal quickly. Thanks with much love.

I suggested that she create a Tao Calligraphy healing circle using Dr and Master Sha's books - Soul Healing Miracles and/orSoul Mind Body Science. The books have sacred healing scrolls. When placed in a circle, the books and calligraphies create a powerful Tao Chang or Tao field that gets stronger over time. Dr and Master Sha created the Tao Calligraphies with a special technique called "Yi Bi Zi" which means "oneness words," and as a Source Channel, he transmitted Tao and Source healing power to the calligraphies. This combination transformed the books into powerful healers!

Happy once more ... swelling completely gone! 
Happy once more ... swelling completely gone!

Three days later, she sent this message:

June 11: When he slept at night I put the calligraphies in the corner of the bed where he sleeps. When he was up I had that [Soul Healing Miracles] app going and it was open to one of the calligraphies and Master Sha was reciting some saying [mantra]. I held my left hand over the drawing [Tao Calligraphy] and placed my right hand over his affected eye and just held space for him focusing on love, light and his healing. The first time I did it he was all amped up. Wasn't sure the second and third time ... he just laid there and let me do it and then we went to bed for the night. Woke this morning and the swelling was pretty much gone. You can't even tell it was ever swollen. I wouldn't have truly believed it till I witnessed it. The whole time I had my hand on the calligraphy I could feel the vibration of the energy that I am used to because I work with the energy every day but [not] to this magnitude. I am a firm believer now! Give you much gratitude for your guidance in healing. Lots of light and blessings to you

It is hard to believe that an image in a book can have healing power, but that is exactly what is happening with the Tao Calligraphies in Master Sha's book. They carry Tao frequency and vibration. when invoked, that frequency and vibration comes into our bodies to remove blockages that cause illness, such as soul blockages, heart blockages, mind blockage and body blockages.

I am very happy for my new friend, her beloved dog and for everyone.

Get one book or ten books and create a Tao Calligraphy healing circle. Keep the books in place so the field gets stronger and stronger. You will experience more peace, more joy, more health and more happiness.

With the greatest love and gratitude,

Master Ximena Gavino
Da Tao Channel, Disciple &
Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha


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