Still There is Hope

I want you to know that there is hope. Pain levels can come down and you can have a life beyond your imagination. It is hard to hold on to hope when your body screams in pain. Hope can be elusive when the sadness camouflages as never-ending sorrow, or the blues turn into seemingly endless streams of darkness, or the thoughts are unrelenting, cruel, and destructive. 

Still there is hope. 

For you and me and every one of us, there is hope for a life beyond anything we can imagine. I know because I'm living it every day and I know others like me. As a child, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain were the norm. Happiness was something so foreign to me I needed an instruction manual or at least an interpreter. This kind of pain drives many people to do unspeakable things, often involving drugs and alcohol, but also every aspect of life, such as money, food, entertainment, sports, fitness, work, etc. The list is endless. 

Those who know this kind of pain, know the cry deep in their heart for the pain to end. They yearn for just one minute, one hour, one day free from pain. When it doesn't go away, we sometimes make big mistakes. Yesterday, I learned of someone who took their life. Left a letter that some will understand, many will not. This post is for that individual and for all the others. I want you to know that there is hope because we live in extraordinary times with infinite possibilities to transform the root cause of our pain.

Pain can be eased and joy can begin to fill the spaces between the pain. Read  Steve Pointer's post from his Facebook page dated April 10, 2018. It is one example of many who have found hope and joy again. This post is shared with his permission. 

Today I am 5 years sober from alcohol, marijuana, and drugs! I'm truly grateful for all that has occurred these last 5 years. Many parts have been a real struggle. 

Through the struggle I've learned so much about myself. I've seen my depression, I've been able to observe how negative my thinking has been, I've faced fears, learned about rejection, found gratitude, seen how to love myself, learned how to best support myself. Through it all I've experienced my heart opening. 

I know I still have much to learn, countless ways to grow. Now I have faith, trust, and confidence. For the first time in several years I'm truly excited and grateful for my life. I see how loved and blessed I am. I'm more present then ever before, regrets are disappearing, fear of the unknown future is shrinking! Life is beautiful! 

I'm so grateful for my family and friends for being with me. Even at times that I've been absent and struggling the last few years! I'm so grateful for my teacher Master Sha and all of the teachers he has created. I cannot say thank you enough to Master Sha and all of them for the love, support, blessings and mentoring! 

I look back at 5-6 years ago and laugh, back then i couldn't have seen myself here today, feeling grateful to be alive, feeling happy. 

I love you all!
How to get started? Most likely, you need a personal consultation. You can connect with me or other Master Teachers, certified by Tao Academy. We are Soul Healing practitioners and professionals. can talk with you about special services that may not remove all the pain, but will lower it enough to give you some relief. 

You can order Greatest Love book by Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha. It is a simple book with powerful practices. You may dismiss them because they look too simple and not powerful enough. Don't. Learn more about how these practices work before making that decision.

It is my wish that you will experience the profound transformation that Steve and many others have experienced and that you too will know hope and a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

With the greatest love and gratitude,

Master Ximena Gavino


  1. Thank you Master Ximena for your post. Opening my heart and practicing Master Sha's techniques of self-healing, including tracing calligraphy, have transformed my life. I am so grateful for the song Love Peace and Harmony. This mantra alone is very powerful. It has helped me in many challenging and conflicting situations by bringing more harmony almost instantly. I am very grateful I found Master Sha.♡♡♡

  2. Dear Master Ximena. Thank you for your post. I am very grateful for Master Sha's self-healing techniques, including tracing calligraphy, and the mantra Love Peace Harmony. They have transformed my life. Chanting Love Peace Harmony has helped me in many challenging and conflicting situations by bringing more harmony and calmness almost instantly. I am so happy to have found Master Sha and many of his Master Teachers. My deepest gratitude for my soul journey. Greatest Love, Monique.

  3. Master Ximena I am so sorry to learn of the person who you dedicate this message to, the one who lost all hope. Thank you very much for writing this post that has the potential to reach billions of people who have access to the internet and more as we share. Let's share this ray of hope!


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